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What is the Maturity Model Repository?

The Maturity Model Repository is an online resource and community for sharing information on software process capability/maturity models (SPCMMs). The repository is being developed as part of research on SPCMMss by the GQS - Software Quality Group at the INCoD - Brazilian National Research Institute for Digital Convergence of the Informatics and Statistics Department at the Federal University of Santa Catarina/Brazil.

The repository offers creators of SPCMMs the possibility to disseminate information on their models. For process engineers interested using SPCMMs for improving or assessing processes as well as SPI researchers, the repository offers a structured search functionality so that models or specific processes or capability/maturity level definitions can be found and/or compared easily.

There is no charge to become a registered member of the Maturity Model Repository, yet the membership allows you to register new SPCMMs and to review and comment the available models.

Why should I register?

To fully utilize all of the site's features, you'll need a user name. To add any content to the site, you must register.
After you register you can:

• Add information on a SPCMM to the repository
• Review and/or comment on a SPCMM

The registration is free.

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